rally1 [ral′ē]
rallied, rallying [Fr rallier < OFr re-, again + alier, to join: see ALLY]
1. to gather together (retreating troops) so as to bring back into a state of order
2. to summon or bring (persons) together for a common purpose
3. to bring back to action; revive [to rally one's spirits]
1. to come back to a state of order: said esp. of retreating troops
2. to come together for a common purpose, esp. to assist or support a cause, person, etc.
3. to come in order to help [to rally to the side of a friend]
4. to come back to action, normal strength, etc.; revive [to rally from a fever]
5. Racket Sports to take part in a rally
6. Finance to rise in price after having fallen: said of stocks, etc.
7. Sports to come from behind in scoring
pl. rallies
1. a rallying or being rallied; specif., a gathering of people for a common purpose; mass meeting
2. an organized automobile run, esp. of sports cars on public roads, designed to test driving skills: also sp. rallye
3. Racket Sports an exchange of several strokes before the point is won
rally2 [ral′ē]
vt., vi.
rallied, rallying [Fr rallier, to RAIL2]
to tease or mock playfully; ridicule; banter

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